The Scent of Lilac Cover Reveal by Casey Hays

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Casey Hays is the great author (and person) who wrote the Arrow’s Flight series. [You can check out an interview with Casey here]
Now, I am pleased to announce that Casey is releasing several new novellas to compliment her Arrow’s Flight series!

The first novella is called “The Scent of Lilac” and comes out September 17th, but you can preorder here.


Mia has always taken pride in her submission to the Council. Compliant to a fault, she diligently follows the rules without considering whether they are fair or just. But when her best friend Kate kills the Council leader and banishes herself from the Village, Mia suddenly becomes a target for harassment. And for the first time in her life, she finds herself in opposition to the Council.

In her despair, she is drawn to the one person she has fervently resisted: her mate. Soon, her feelings for him shift into something real and powerful—powerful enough to make him human. Powerful enough to make loving him dangerous.

The Village stands on the brink of chaos, and an ever-growing mood of dissension threatens. In the midst of it all, Mia’s heart begins to change. But when a group of young rebels drags her into its fold, her courage is quickly pitted against her fear. Will she join the fight and allow bravery to transform her spirit? Or will she drown in her own cowardice once again?

The Scent of Lilac is the first novella in The Arrow’s Flight Series. Find the complete series

Cover reveal time!

Isn't the cover gorgeous?

Isn’t the cover gorgeous?

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