The Z Chronicles, an Anthology by various authors REVIEW

June 15, 2015 , In: Book Reviews, Books , With: One Comment

Today is release day for an amazing anthology I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC copy for recently. This will be the first anthology I’ve read actually, so it’s a pretty great day! If you like zombies, end-of-the-world scenarios, gore, and action then please pick up this anthology today! Ann Christy, author of the In-Betweener series starts the anthology with a story set in the same world as her zombie series.

I loved how different everyone’s stories were. Even though I hadn’t read anything from the other authors before, for the most part I felt a connection to the story and characters, even in such a short amount of time. There were a few stories that left my brain hurting a little bit, but I am not very science minded so some of that probably just went over my head.

I also love the cover! The colors are awesome and subtle. I can read all of the author’s names and the title of the anthology easily. Awesome work.

Chew on this, zombie fans.


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