An unexpected visitor

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I wrote a very short story. More like the beginning of a story…

I answered a prompt that told me to write about “an unexpected visitor” and I went with it. Writing prompts are fun because they take you places you may not have thought about before. Or they work for getting the creative juices flowing again when I’ve come to a stand-still. Either way, below is the way I answered the prompt.


Harper heard the doorbell ring again. They weren’t going away like she had hoped when the incessant noise began. Instead of relenting, she wrapped the blanket tighter around her neck. Protection. The blanket was more like a noose than comfort, but she cocooned herself inside regardless because of habit. The memory rose unheeded––unwanted. Another habit.
Her sister, Natalie, had whispered false truths in her ear as she climbed into the top bunk in their shared room.
“Better cover your neck, Harpie. Vampires will bite it if you don’t.”
“Stop it, Nat. There’s no such thing as Vampires.” But she pulled her comforter up to her chin when she was sure Natalie couldn’t see.
Back in the present, the tears rolled unchecked again. “Oh, Nat…”
The doorbell rang again. A muffled voice called her name from behind the door.
The voice didn’t sound like someone she knew. It didn’t sound like someone who would pity her tears.
She found herself rising from her blankets and striding towards the door, suddenly desperate to see the face belonging to the voice.
She cracked the door, peeking out without saying a word. The voice belonged to a man wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He had one of those popular hairstyles with the shaved sides, but left long on the top. Tall, but not gangly. She smiled without realizing it and opened the door a little wider.
“You’re Harper?” He leaned against the doorframe slightly. His t-shirt read “I know” and she wondered if he was a Star Wars fan.
She nodded. His eyes were green, her favorite color.
“Great!” He smiled, showing off twin pointed fangs. “I have a message for you from Natalie.”
Harper felt the color drain out of her face as she ran back into the apartment. To her blanket fortress like she was five again and everything was ok except for the vampires her sister told her about.
“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” The vampire was still leaning against the doorframe. She had forgotten to close the door.

I hope you enjoyed my little (beginning of) a story. We’ll see. Maybe someday it’ll become more. Maybe not. The important thing is to just keep writing! Have an awesome day.

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