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As you may have noticed from my theme, “All Things Geek,” I might not be all the way grown up. If you needed more clues to my maturity level, check out my previous posts for the A t0 Z Challenge so far.

The thing is, I don’t feel that liking geeky things makes me less of an adult. I just happen to be an adult that LOVES weird and awesome things. And that is ok.

On to the letter C! Today, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about cartoons.

I love cartoons. I always have and always will. Anime, from day one is one type of cartoon, but I wanted to talk about a few of my favorites that use a different style of animation.

Bob’s Burgers

If you haven’t seen Bob’s Burgers, you are missing out on some awesome comedy. It’s basically about Bob, who own’s a burger restaurant. He and his family get into trouble every episode and it’s amazing.

“I’ve logged over 3000 fantasy hours on my relationship with Jimmy Jr. You don’t just throw that away.” -Tina

They just added season 5 to Netflix and I couldn’t be happier. I do have to restrain myself from watching ALL the new episodes by myself before Luke gets home. I’m sure he’s waiting to watch them with me too…RIGHT, LUKE?!

Plus, every character gets there moment to shine (err…mess up) and I love them all.



Another favorite cartoon that I find myself gravitating back to every once in awhile is Futurama. So funny. The seasons are all done being created now (that I know of), but it’s still makes me laugh after seeing each episode a billion times.


Adventure Time!

I am NOT caught up on Adventure Time at all, but it will always have a place in my heart. I remember when the short cartoon version was a huge hit on YouTube and when the show was announced. Mathamatical! Although Adventure Time plays on Cartoon Network (and KIDS loves it), it has it’s deep moments which really make the show more mature. Plus, they give great advice sometimes!



Bojack Horseman

This one is terrible. But like a train wreck, I could not look away. It takes place in an alternate United States where animals are also people (?!), but some of the same celebrities walk around too. The story revolves around a washed up actor named Bojack Horseman who used to be a huge sitcom star in the 80s. His life has gone down the crapper since the show ended and he wants to revitalize his career by writing a memoir. It’s really SO bad…but I’ve watched it through at least twice now.  Weird.


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    I guess I must be getting old or live in the wrong part of the world but I hadn’t heard of these cartoons before. Look entertaining though.

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      I see you’re in the UK. I’m not sure if all the shows on the U.S. Netflix compares to the UK, but I found a lot of these shows on Netflix! You can probably find full episodes online of some of these as well if they do sound interesting to you. 🙂

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    I share your passion for cartoons and some of your taste. Love Adventure Time and Bob’s Burgers especially. I posted last year R for Ren Hoek as in, Ren and Stimpy. Remember those two? http://stephanierosebirdstudio.blogspot.com/2015/04/r-is-for-ren-hoek.html

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      Oh man! I haven’t thought about Ren and Stimpy in years! I’ll definitely check out your post. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, fellow cartoon-lover!

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    Your cartoons are much more grown-up than the ones I love 🙂 You can find me watching Space Sentinels and Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors 🙂
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

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      I haven’t heard of any of those cartoons! I also watch My Little Pony…so not ALL “grown up” tastes here. lol 😉

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    I used to watch Futurama. Now it’s Cbeebies 😉

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      I haven’t seen that one, but we watch our fair share of toddler programming as well! We definitely wait to watch Futurama for when the kids are asleep! 😀

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    I have seen some of all of these; I think Futurama is my favorite. American cartoons have a very different style and atmosphere than what I am used to… By the way, my theme on MopDog this year is Hungarian cartoons 😉
    Good list! I’ll check out the others.

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

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      I’ll check out your theme! I know nothing about Hungarian cartoons, but would love to.

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    I am a huge fan of cartoons myself though I mostly watch a lot of My Little Pony and superhero cartoons.

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      I love My Little Pony! I used to watch a lot more Superhero cartoons than I do now. I loved all the Batman ones, Superfriends, Justice league. So great!

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    I love the cartoons that I used to watch as a child. Like looney tunes. I can’t wait to have a kid just to have a reason to watch them again!

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      No excuses needed! Watch to your heart’s content. Thank you for visiting!

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    I haven’t heard of any of these! But that doesn’t surprise me, my experience with cartoons goes waaaaaay back! And I don’t watch that much TV any more

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      Glad I could share something new. Thank you for visiting me!

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    LOVE futurama, will need to check out the other ones 🙂 #atozchallenge

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      Futurama is SO great. Writing this post makes me want to watch it again soon!

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    I love cartoons. Loved them as a child and still love them. One of my favorite was Doonesbury.
    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

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      Thank you for sharing your love for cartoons!

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    Cartoons are good. I don’t watch any. It’s the time thing. But I think many enjoy them. It is nice to relax and not think of something too complicated.

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      Definitely. Relaxing with less thinking is good sometimes.

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    I adore your post. I will have to check out Bob’s Burgers! Good luck with the challenge. I look forward to staying connected!

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      Aww! Thank you! Bob’s Burgers is so great. 😀

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    I have watched episodes of Bob’s Burgers before and they are funny. Futurama is it’s own brand of crazy and Adventure Time is something you can unwind to. Have you ever heard of the cartoon Wander over Yonder? It’s a fun cartoon on Disney XD. It has a whole bunch of themes and Season 2’s episode of one of Dominator’s robot minions defying her brought tears in my eyes at the end. Nice to meet a fellow cartoon lover.

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      I have not heard of that show! I’ll look it up. Cartoons are awesome!

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    I guess I’ll date myself because Looney Tunes and the Road Runner were my generation’s standards although I do remember Scoobey Doo and Josie and the Pussycats.

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      I used to love all of those as a kid! Thank you for visiting! 😀

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    I’ll have to check these out, especially Bob’s Burgers. I am always looking for something new to watch on Netflix!

    Plucking Of My Heartstrings

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    “I don’t feel that liking geeky things makes me less of an adult. I just happen to be an adult that LOVES weird and awesome things. And that is ok.”
    I TOTALLY agree!

    Creative Staycation

    • Reply

      Haha! Love finding fellow geeks. Thanks for visiting!

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