I is for Ink (Tattoos, not pens or Octopus)

April 10, 2015 , In: Geek , With: 9 Comments

I love tattoos. I only have two so far, but I want more. And I love how tattoos look on other people. Thus, I decided that the letter ‘I’ must be for Ink for today’s blogging from A to see challenge. See more blogs writing for the challenge here.

The Good: Beautiful. Tattoos can hold great meaning for the person getting a tattoo.

"As you wish" is not ONLY from the Princess Bride you know. Boba Fett only has a few lines in the movies.

“As you wish” is not ONLY from the Princess Bride you know. Boba Fett only has a few lines in the movies.

They could hold some significant event or word that they need to etch onto their skin since it already resides in their soul. For myself, I don’t need every tattoo to have a deep meaning as long as I like it. I happen to love Star Wars so both of my tattoos have something to do with that genre of Geekdom. I especially love the tattoo Luke and I got together as a couple. If you know Star Wars, then you know what this means.

The Bad: The stigma. Am I a bad person for wanting to put beautiful art all over my body? No! Tattoos don’t change who I am. If I get a sleeve of tattoos am I going to suddenly start taking drugs? No! Granted some tattoos do mean certain gang or drug affiliations, but I will do my research first, ok? I don’t think there is a Star Wars gang doing illegal activities around Milwaukee (sign me up).

You get it or you don't.

You get it or you don’t.

Or I love this one: “When you’re old, your tattoos are going to look disgusting.” Again no. Here is an article to prove you wrong. Those people look great! And even if the tattoos stretch out a little, they will forever be reminders of my youth and the things that are important to me. I think that is a great thing, not bad at all!

The Katy: My personal tattoos are above. I am planning on saving for a new tattoo for my birthday (or around there) as funds allow. I am deliberating between (another) Boba Fett or an Octopus tattoo. I’m not sure what draws me to octopus tattoos, but they are awesome and I want one. Do you have any ink? Feel free to share! I love seeing other people’s tattoos. (Photos all taken from Pinterest pins except for my own)

(Photo taken from Pinterest)

(Photo taken from Pinterest)


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    • Sukanya Ramanujan
    • April 10, 2015

    No ink but I love a song called ‘Ink’ by Coldplay. Have you listened to it?

    • Reply

      No, I haven’t! I’ll look it up! 😀

  1. Reply

    I’ve never wanted a tattoo for myself, but I appreciate the art of them!

  2. Reply

    I’ve thought about getting one but couldn’t decide what I wanted. My dad had tattoos and asked that I not get one (not sure why, but that didn’t really factor in to why I don’t). There are some gorgeous designs out there, that’s for sure. Curious to see what you end up picking!

    • Reply

      My mom would prefer I didn’t get them either. Who knows why? 🙂

  3. Reply

    I like tattoos but I do not recommend any professional getting a face tat.

    Found from A-to-Z challenge.

    • Reply

      I do agree. I don’t think anyone should have face tattoos (they look terrible!) but I guess that’s up to them.

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    Hi, thanks for the post! I love that inks have their stories! I’ve been avoiding tattoos but when I got my custom made one I undestood it can look really awesome on your skin. I don’t understand how people can get a tattoo from a catalogue without knowing anything about meaning. What do you think about custom made tattoos? Thanks

    • Reply

      I love custom tattoos! I never ever look at those catalogue books at the tattoo shop (unless I’m bored I guess). If you come up with the design, it feels so much more special! Thanks for reading.

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