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April 16, 2015 , In: Geek , With: 2 Comments

I decided to go with Luke’s and my favorite entertainment source, Netflix, for the letter ‘N’! To view more ‘N’ blogs from other A to Z bloggers, click here.

The Good: Luke and I moved to our new house in March. For now, we decided not to add cable to our bills each month until we figure out our budget. So instead of watching live shows, we frequent Netflix. I’m sure you’ve heard of it since the entertainment industry seems to be heading in the direction of streaming everything. I love it.
1. I love that I can pay $8/month and watch as much as I want. Luke and I can stream kids movies for the boys and then when they go to bed watch as much “Cut Throat Kitchen” as we want! LOVE IT.
2. I love that there are no commercials. Anytime I watch live TV, I am astounded how much commercials bother me. I sometimes try to press the skip button on the remote (it doesn’t work, people).

The Bad:
1. Could be doing other things that need to get done. Like laundry, dishes, and other dumb things that have a habit of becoming dirty. Showering. Who needs to shower when I have an endless supply of Anime series to try out?
2. Good shows and movies take awhile to get on there. When I binge watch a show and get to the end of the season…I have to wait. I don’t have live TV at all so when I get to the end of the seasons of Parks and Recreation on Netflix I need to wait awhile for the next season to appear in my queue. Sigh. But when I see that lovely “New Episodes” appear on the show’s image, it gives me such JOY.
3. I can’t live-tweet with the cast of FaceOff (or other shows). This may not be a big deal to some people, but when I could watch FaceOff on cable, I live tweeted to the cast during the show. It was incredibly bonding and awesome to be able to ask people questions about their designs for that week or just cheer them on! Now, I have to go to FaceOff’s website on Syfy.com and peruse the ‘after’ photos. It’s NOT the same!

The Katy: Some of my favorite Netflix shows lately (or of all time that I have watched several times now!)

Parks and Recreation
How I Met Your Mother
Orange is the New Black
Bob’s Burgers

Cut Throat Kitchen

Blue Exorcist
Attack on Titan
Soul Eater

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    I love and hate binge watching too – well, really I love it but then hate explaining to people that I watched 24 hours of TV shows over the weekend. The judgment of those non-Netflixers! 🙂 I’m also loving Netflix’s original series – House of Cards and Daredevil are my current favorites.

    Good luck on the rest of the A to Z!

    • Reply

      Ooo! I forgot about HOC. That’s a good one! I’ll need to check out Daredevil.

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