P is for (Funko) Pops! #AtoZChallenge

April 19, 2016 , In: Geek , With: 10 Comments

I have this thing where I get obsessed with stuff. I’m a collector. It started off with coins and Pokémon cards as a kid. Now, it varies. For awhile, I collected Manga (I still want to get more of that…). Now, Luke and I are into collecting Funko Pops. Which is why today’s letter (P) stands for Pops.

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IMG_20160419_071956944Funko Pops are adorable figures in either bobble head or figurine designs that represent characters in geeky fandoms, shows, cartoons, etc…

It all started when we received this Han Solo in a LootCrate. We had a few other pops at this point (Kylo Ren, Groot, and maybe a few others), but had never thought about collecting them until we got Han in the mail. This toy felt like something special. The obsession grew.

We joined a few Funko Pop groups on Facebook and discovered that we weren’t the only ones obsessed. In fact, we are nowhere NEAR as obsessed as some of the people in those groups. It feels good to be the sane one for once. 😉 We don’t have anything super rare yet, but SOMEDAY we will.

Do you have anything you collect? 

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    I love those! I had no idea they were called Funko Pops. I collect vintage earrings because I like sparkly things; I also collect Fiesta dishes (because I like colorful things).

    Happy A2Z!


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      Your collections sound awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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    I have restrained myself from buying any Pop vinyls because I know that once I start I will end up with an entire house filled with them hehe. Too much good stuff!

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      I know. It’s an addiction for sure. LOL

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    I haven’t decided yet if I like this figures or not … I am not collecting anything as I live in a small flat and there’s no space for it. Well, that’s not right. I am collecting memories. There’s no space needed and plenty of possibilities 😉

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      Memories are the best kind of collection! 😀

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    I love Funko pops, but I only have a few – I have Rocket, Groot, Rey, Sir Thomas Sharpe and 3 different Lokis – not that my bias is showing or anything 🙂 I do tend to go around picking up many Avengers things from the movies and the tv shows. The pound shop is my friend 😉
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      Pretty sweet collection so far! I’m sure there will be more Avengers to collect once the new movie comes out. 😀

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    Yeeep. I’m kinda obsessed with them now too. Mine started with Disney’s Robin Hood, can’t resist a fox. In fact I also have Nick Wilde from Zootropolis too. I then continued with Groot (who can resist) then Agent Carter. I thought I should stop but too late, got the Futurama trio, some Star Wars ones and my Smaug which I noticed you have too! The last one I wanted was Starbuck – going for kick ass sci-fi girls!

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      I NEED the Robin Hood ones at some point. They are SO cute. <3

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