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As a person who works in an office setting for the time being, I listen to a lot of music. It helps break up the office silence punctuated by coughing and the printer starting up. However, sometimes I desire conversation. Not conversation that would mean me physically speaking to people, but other people talking about a topic I enjoy. Podcasts. I haven’t gotten into podcasts until recently and I wasn’t surprised to find a surplus of awesome geeky topic related ones for me to listen to.

One of these podcasts is a fairly new one called “Geek of a Certain Age.” The podcast is hosted by Chris Pourteau and Hank Garner. These two gentlemen are definitely “geeks of a certain age,” but as they start talking about geek-related topics over the course of the podcast you begin to realize that they mean any age is that certain age to be a geek.

It’s great! I really enjoyed the first few episodes. They definitely do make some jokes and puns that my dad would make, but I laugh at my dad’s jokes most of the time so that’s not a bad thing in my opinion. I 100% agree with their review of Deadpool in episode two (my review here).

Both men are authors, which makes the podcast even better. I reviewed Tails of the Apocalypse Anthology, which was put together by Chris. 

Check them out! Link to the website here. You can subscribe here.


About the hosts. (Bios from the Geeks of a Certain Age website)

Hank Garner

hankHank lives in rural Mississippi with his wife and five children. Growing up in the rural South but loving geek culture proved challenging, to say the least, but geeks are nothing if not resourceful.

When Hank received his first home pc in 1980 (a Timex Sinclair 1000), he was bitten by the bug. More realistically, he spent many hours chasing down bugs in the BASIC code he quickly taught himself to write.

Fueled by books like The Hobbit and movies like Star Wars, Hank grew into a fantasy aficionado. These twin loves of technology and science fiction/fantasy books and movies would converge later in life as he began publishing his own books and hosting a podcast about writing. That show, The Author Stories Podcast, is listened to by many thousands of listeners each week.

Hank writes books that deal with the human condition and highlight the fantastical nature of the world around us. His current project, a serial called Writer’s Block, has readers excited.


Chris Pourteau

Author_CPChris has been a geek since way before being a geek was cool. If it even is now.

He grew up painting Napoleonic miniatures (cast from blocks of lead heated up on his parents’ stove, which might explain a few things), playing Avalon Hill board games, and rolling D20s on the lunch table in high school in the early 80s. In high school, he programmed a computer program in BASIC for playing Tic-Tac-Toe; only, instead of X’s and O’s, the program drew Panzer and Sherman tanks in the quadrants. His major reason for leaving the Macintosh behind and drinking the popular Kool-aid of owning a PC was because this newfangled concept called “computer games” was so much better realized on that platform. His love of Sci-Fi/Fantasy dates back to movies like The Omega Man and The Time Machine (1960) and TV shows like The Twilight Zone, Star Trek (in all its iterations, but especially TOS), Battlestar Galactica (both old and new and even Galactica 1980, which was just sad), and many, many more geektastic TV shows and movies. He considers the fact that he watched Star Wars on the big screen in the summer of 1977 (when it was originally released and before Lucas screwed around with it) a real feather in his geek cap.

Currently residing in College Station, Texas, Chris writes sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and thriller stories and novels. In 2013, he published his first novel, Shadows Burned In, a contemporary, Southern Gothic novel that won the 2015 e-Lit Book Awards Gold Medal for Literary Fiction. Since then, he’s published several novels, been invited to supply short stories for anthologies, and even curated a short story collection or two of his own. He recently edited and contributed a story to Tails of the Apocalypse, an anthology of short stories set in various apocalyptic worlds as experienced by animal protagonists. The collection was described by Joel Eisenberg, author of The Chronicles of Ara, as a “magnificent volume” that stands as “perhaps the most unique anthology of 2015.” It was also named a top ten anthology (out of 39 entrants) in Preditors and Editors Poll for Best Anthology of 2015.

Besides a plethora of authorial influences, Chris cites major influences like fellow Texan and singer-songwriter James McMurtry, Groucho Marx, and a little-known comedy troupe from England you’ve probably never heard of named Monty Python. If you’d like to say howdy, feel free to email him atc.pourteau.author@gmail.com or visit him at chrispourteau.thirdscribe.com.


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