Q is for Quidditch #AtoZChallenge

April 20, 2016 , In: Geek , With: 9 Comments

tumblr_lzs4psb7VI1rq29a1o1_500Q is a tough letter. But in the realm of Geeks, there was one thing I knew I could write about. Quidditch—The game everyone loves and wishes was real from Harry Potter.

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Quidditch is a fictional game from the world of Harry Potter. Basically, two teams fly on broomsticks trying to make goals in three hoops at the opposite end of the field. One position, called the Seeker, flies around trying to find the golden snitch, which is a golden ball with wings. If the Seeker catches the golden snitch, the game is over and his/her team is awarded 150 points. Read more about Quidditch here.

All I know that if my school had this game instead of football, I would’ve had a lot more school spirit. Even if they couldn’t actually fly, I think it would still be extremely entertaining. I wouldn’t be participating though…I am not that coordinated. If I had to play Quidditch for gym class or something, I would’ve chosen to find the Snitch. Let’s be honest here—it’s the coolest job.

QuidditchWhat game/sport from a fictional book or movie do you wish was real? (Anyone who says Hunger Games…I fear for you. 😉 )

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    That was the best idea for Q. My kids both are so upset they will never get to play Quidditch, it’s like real life robbed them! I’d want to be a beater. I like the idea of being armed against the bludgers.

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      That’s true. Being armed against those things would be good!

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    Love it! I do live the Harry Potter movies. I wrote on Southern Food and Memories

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      Harry Potter is pretty great! Thank you for visiting. I’ll check out your page as well.

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    The game everyone wishes were real? According to http://usqworldcup.com/ it is!

    Keith Channing A-Zing from http://keithkreates.com

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      Nice! Not as fun as actually flying, but still pretty cool.

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    LOL – I’m not saying The Hunger Games 🙂 I’m trying to think of fictional games – the only one that comes to mind is 3d chess from Star Trek and I’m bad enough at normal chess :).
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    • Ashley K
    • April 25, 2016

    I honestly can’t recall any other fictional games right now besides those you’ve already mentioned, except maybe Heroin Hero from South Park lol

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      I forgot about that game! I haven’t watched SP since they took it off of Netflix (sad day).

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