R is for Republic (Wireless)

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How am I doing? Good? Bad? A little weird? We are to the letter ‘R’ today! This month is flying by and I am realizing more and more how much I love writing. I have loved your comments and just writing about whatever comes into my mind…and finding other people love those things too! So awesome. Today, I wanted to cover Republic Wireless for the letter ‘R’. It’s actually perfect timing because Luke and I just got our phones in the mail yesterday. I want to clarify that we are not affiliated with Republic Wireless or Motorola. Luke and I are not being paid to post this.

So pretty. The Good: Republic Wireless seems too good to be true. Republic uses a Voip phone system that switches between WiFi calling and Sprint’s cell towers (I think that’s right. Read more on their website FAQs).  Basically, they switch between these two things so that their plans can be really really cheap. We were paying $140ish for two lines and 3GB of data on Verizon, and although they are an awesome company with great customer service, we decided to switch to Republic to save money. We got out phones in the mail yesterday and I decided to go with the wi-fi only plan for $10/month (plus tax). Luke opted for the unlimited 3G plan for $25/month (plus tax) because he doesn’t have access to wi-fi at work. We decided to pay the extra money for the Moto X. The phones are beautiful! I instantly loved the interface more than my Samsung Galaxy S4. I was a little sad at first that Republic didn’t have iPhones  and I couldn’t just bring my own phone over to save money, but I am over it! The call quality seems to be pretty consistent so far, but I have only made a few test calls since last night, so only time will tell.

The Bad: Luke’s phone didn’t work all the way. It turned on fine and made calls ok. But if I called him or he wanted to watch a video, the ringer/speaker did not work. It stinks, because we were so excited about getting new phones! BUT (another Good thing maybe), Motorola’s customer service was awesome. We are sending Luke’s phone back and he will get another one in a few days.

The Katy: I designed my phone with Motorola’s Moto Maker. I love that I could choose whatever options I wanted. Instead of ‘white’ or ‘black’, I had OPTIONS. It is a beautiful thing for someone who loves color! I can post an update after I spend some quality time with my new Moto X and Republic Wireless. I think we will be very happy together!


  • Cheap plans
  • NO contract
  • Cool phone (Moto X 2nd Gen for me)
  • Customer service SKILLS


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