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Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write a review for this product, nor am I affiliated with the company in any way.

Hey all. Confession time. I am slightly addicted to Kickstarter. If you check out my profile, you can see that I’ve backed quite a few items. I’m sure I won’t win the “most backed” award, if that’s a thing, but yea…it’s a problem. But I love it! I love helping someone reach their goal and then receiving rewards at a lower price in exchange. Addicting.

Read more about my Kickstarter addiction here.

I’ve been getting a lot of my campaign rewards in the mail lately, so I want to tell you about them!

Katherine Krug HeadshotToday’s Kickstarter campaign is called BetterBack. I decided to back this product because I sit in an office cubicle for 8 hours per day in front of a computer. My back¬†hurts.¬†I didn’t think an office job would be harmful in a physical way at all, but I was wrong! I think I have pretty decent posture for the most part, but when I get involved in a project I catch myself slouching. And it’s beginning to hurt more and more. So, I saw the video and campaign for BetterBack and needed to sign up! Plus, the reward tier that gives a backer the actual product was fairly low compared to some other campaigns. This was important because I like to pretend that I’m not spending a lot of money on Kickstarter, even though it’s adding up…(lalala…not listening!)

Creator Bio from Kickstarter:

Hi I’m Katherine!

I live in San Francisco. I’m really passionate about helping people be their best and push at their potential.

I’m currently focusing my energy on helping people reach their potential through products, talks and writing that help people (1) optimize their health, (2) improve their self-understanding and self-efficacy, and (3) improve their relationships with their partners, families and teams.

When I’m not up to that, I’m on a plane, reading a book, lifting weights or searching for a hot tub.

Campaign REVIEW

The creators kept us backers updated. They gave us frequent enough updates that I was informed with the progress or the campaign, but not too many as to be annoying. Some of the updates included tips to help our back pain in the mean time before we received BetterBack! When I backed the campaign, Katherine messaged me asking to share (probably an automated message). I replied and received a quick response, which was great to see! I felt like I was helping a friend with their campaign, instead of a stranger.

Product REVIEW

  • bb1

    BetterBack and it’s life-giving campaign site!

    BetterBack was shipped and received when estimated. Some campaigns take a LONG time to ship product. Things happen, so I understand when it takes a while!

  • The quality of BetterBack is amazing! The exterior case is sturdy and feels like it would be easy to clean if I were to spill something on it. The case is also small enough to fit in my purse or suitcase.
  • bb2

    Sturdy and compact!

    The zipper is strong as well and I’m not afraid that it’s going to split when I zip the case closed.

  • One thing I love the most about BetterBack is that it’s all ONE piece. You can use it in seconds, without needing to piece anything together.
  • The back cushion is comfortable and so are the knee pads.
  • bb3

    All one piece.

    One thing that I don’t like, is that sometimes the knee pads slide off my knees depending on what I’m wearing (jeans vs. leggings or something else slippery). I guess it makes sense that it happens, but it can be annoying.

  • BetterBack is easy to use. The straps are easy to tighten and if I need to get up from my desk, it takes one second to remove BetterBack so I can get up (literally, I stand up and leave it on my chair).

I am still getting used to it, but I think BetterBack is really going to help me! Definitely worth backing the campaign.

  1. I’m fortunate that my employer was willing to get me a motorized standing desk. I stand the majority of my day and can sit when I need to.

    The standing desk, combined with not sitting on my wallet, has dramatically improved my posture and energy levels.

    I’m glad you’ve found something that is working for you.

    • I would LOVE a standing desk like that! Not really an option here, unfortunately. I did look into some of those stands that make your regular desk a standing height, but they were all pretty pricey. Oh well! This works, so I’ll take it!

  2. You might want to know that this product is a ripoff of the Nada Chair which has been around for years. I love my Nada Chair and find it terrible that this woman has stolen their design and made millions off it just because the patent was expired. And then to even get a spot on the Shark Tank! When you call her out on it, her “excuse” is that they made “improvements” to it like better knee pads (which I personally never have had any problem with on my Nada Chair) but not sure how that justifies making millions in sales and not paying ANYTHING to the inventor of the product. I would certainly be curious to see someone buy both products and write a fair comparison of them.

    • All I know is that my back hurt at work and happened to see BetterBack on Kickstarter for a good deal. I’ll take a look at the Nada Chair and see if I can afford to do a comparison review. That would be fun no matter how the designs came about. Again, I have no affiliation with BetterBack company and was just a backer on Kickstarter. Thank you for reading and your suggestion of a comparison review!

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