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Luke and I finally got to see Deadpool this past Tuesday. We wanted to see it the previous week, but I was struck with the flu. It was worth the wait! Plus, I got my LootCrate subscription in the mail, so I had a sweet Deadpool shirt to wear to the movie.

12719270_10205304473363589_3251194564084322386_o.jpgIt. Was. Great! The trailers and hype were all worth it. And I was actually surprised, because I thought the nudity and gore were going to beĀ much* worse than they were. Pleasantly surprised. I don’t usually watch overly gory or violent movies, but Deadpool’s humor kept it lighter than it would’ve been in a different film with the same amount of action.

Deadpool is the anti-hero I’ve been dreaming of (and more)! I need to get my hands on the comics now, so I can read more about his adventures as I wait for another movie to happen.

Ryan Renolds. He really IS Deadpool. And the other actors and actresses in the film did an amazing job as well. I was sucked into the plot and acting so much that I forgot that I was watching a movie at all. Plus, when you throw X-men into the mix…I’m game.

I’m not sure when we will have time for another date night, but I hope it’s soon.

*Deadpool is not for anyone who is remotely offended by vulgar language, nudity, intense fighting, or gore. I’ve had several people tell me this offends them. My response is DO NOT see the movie then. I will still go see it…again! Just because you are offended doesn’t mean I shouldn’t see it. The studio (and Deadpool himself) made it crystal clear what the movie was about. Go see Captain America or something if you want a “family friendly” superhero movie. Those movies are awesome too! But this one is rated R for a reason.

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