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Steampunk is an interesting movement that appears in style, music, movies, and literature. If you haven’t heard of Steampunk, basically it is as if Victorian period style existed in the future. Read more about Steampunk here! Of course there are different genres, but all of it is unique!

Last Thursday I went to Milwaukee’s 4th Annual Steampunk Ball and Marketplace with my sister. It was crazy! I was a little overwhelmed, but it was fun. Not only was there live music, but an awesome show by Deadman’s Carnival. They had some comedy routines, juggling, magic, fire eating, and someone escaped from a straight jacket while hanging upside down above the floor. They are great!
They also had a guest performer called Tomahawk Tassels¬†who is a premiere Burlesque performer. She was very pretty, but honestly I have never seen a Burlesque performance before and was a little uncomfortable (especially when my sister left me alone to go use the bathroom during Tomahawk’s performance!). Her outfits were awesome and vintage!

I thought my outfit was pretty good! I threw it together at the last moment and most of the items were borrowed, thrifted, or handed down. It was fun!


My awesome outfit! Hat: Hot Topic (YEARS ago), boots(Halloween cosplay a few years ago), belt: Goodwill, Bag:Handed down(real leather!), Vest: Vanity, Pin:Etsy(My husband’s tie clip), dress:don’t remember!, Broach: Present from my sister


My sister’s costume. Her dress is from Peru!


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