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Ok, I know I wrote about Anime at the beginning of the A to Z Challenge, but I hadn’t watched Tokyo Ghoul yet. Now that I’ve seen a bit of it, I need to talk it out.

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Tokyo Ghoul surrounds the story of Kenichi Ken, a college student who loves books, hangs out with his childhood friend, and has a crush at girl who frequents the same coffee shop he does. Everything changes when an accident occurs and Kenichi is given some ghoul organs in a transplant gone wrong.
Ghouls cannot eat regular food. It messes them up and tastes terrible. The only thing ghouls can eat is human. As a former human, Kenichi needs to find a way to deal with this issue without harming those he holds dear.

tokyoghoulI love this show. Season one was action packed, gruesome, and intense. If you’re worried about gore, they do block out a lot of those parts, but the implied violence might be just as bad depending how squeamish you are. This show is NOT for kids. Some adults I know would not like it either. It’s gruesome.

We are watching season two at the moment…It’s not as good so far. Instead of following Kenichi most of the time, like season one, we are shown a little more background into some of the Investigators’ personalities. I’m not opposed to this, but I just don’t care as much about them as I do for Kenichi. I hope the second half of season two shows him a little bit more.


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