The OA: Review of Netflix’s latest original series

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Rarely does a show stick with me hours after I’ve finished, only to follow me into my dreams. I think of everything that happened and all the different nuances that make the show great…and mourn that I cannot watch it for the first time all over again.

All rights belong to Netflix and the creators of The OA

Did you ever have a show (or book) stick with you like that?

For me, my most recent run in with an amazing show was last night when I finished Netflix’s original series called The OA. The characters were all unique in their problems and circumstances but came together over a story told by a young woman who once was blind, but now miraculously could see again.

The acting, particularly of Brit Marling who plays Prairie/The OA, was phenomenal. But every cast member did their part to make The OA an unforgettable series.

The story was intricate, but not hard to follow. Sometimes, for Science Fiction shows, that can be one of the downfalls. This time, I could understand (or be confused and then understand later at the same time as the shows other protagonists).

If you like science fiction, there’s a great chance you’ll love this show.  If anyone wants to chat about it, I am all ears. I won’t put any spoilers here though. 😉

Either way, this show will stick with me for a long time. I hope to see more amazing shows from Netflix. They have been getting it right lately!

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