Has my heart always been afloat?

I cannot hear—to note

Each step I take


Nor my words

Loud or mumbling?

All I know is what I feel

This dizziness unheeded still

How long have I

Felt this pain?

A heated river

through my veins

All I want is you

to feel

this pain

and ebb my own

for now.

Don’t run—

I’ll chase

My teeth

are sharp

But screaming does not

reach me

only the



Ok. I know most zombies can hear because they come running when people scream or guns go off. This particular zombie doesn’t think of all that as hearing because it is just carrying on with what it must do. It’s almost like programming to keep the virus flowing from person to person. The poem starts off rhyming, but finishes in a messy sort of way that I thought was fitting for the ending. A messy end, indeed.

Monday feels like a poem sort of day. I hope everyone has an awesome day! Keep checking into the other blogs participating in the A-Z Challenge by clicking here. My theme reveal (All Things Geek) is here. We’re in the last week! Then you can expect NOT as many posts from me. I love blogging, but I don’t usually post everyday. 🙂

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