V is for Velociraptor

April 25, 2015 , In: Geek , With: 5 Comments

You can probably guess where this post is going from the title. Luke’s favorite movie/book is Jurassic Park, so you can probably assume that we are a little excited about Jurassic World. See other ‘V’ blogs in the challenge, here.

The Good: A new trailer for Jurassic World just came out this week. View it below. It features Chris Pratt and some Velociraptors. So awesome.

What else can I say? Chris Pratt says it all: “If we do this, we do it my way.”


The Bad: I honestly cannot think of anything bad about Jurassic World coming out…um…maybe I’ll have to wake up early the morning after opening night because I have kids? That’s not your fault, you beautiful movie. Those toddlers just don’t know what’s good yet. Shhh….


Ok, well, I am very excited for Jurassic World. I love Velociraptors the most because they are smart, sadistic, and terrifying. It is going to be awesome to see Chris Pratt leading a pack of them on a huge dinosaur hunt. I’m game. Here is a link to Luke’s tattoo of a Velociraptor. Love it. I hope this post was coherent enough, but if not just remember…

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    You are very brave! The velociraptors in the first movie gave me nightmares, especially the scene where the kids are climbing up into the ceiling and it jumps at them! Have fun?!

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      I don’t mind a little scare here and there although I can’t handle horror movies at all. They did a great job with the kids vs. raptor scenes in Jurassic Park, but it’s a lot scarier now that I actually have kids of my own!

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    My son-in-law calls my daughter “the Velociraptor” because of her love of rare steak. I did enjoy “Jurassic Park” but I didn’t see any of the sequels.
    ~Visiting from AtoZ

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      Well, the first one IS the best for sure so that’s probably ok. I liked the 2nd movie, but the 3rd was terrible (in my opinion). Love the nickname!

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