W is for Wings #AtoZChallenge

April 27, 2016 , In: Geek , With: 6 Comments

We’re in the home stretch of the A-Z Challenge. No stumbling at the finish line now! To see some of the other participating blogs, click here. My theme is “All Things Geek” and you can read more about that here.

Almost all fandoms have things that fly through the air. I wanted to throw a few of my many favorite flyers down here. Please add your own in the comments!

Smaug from The Hobbit

I love a good dragon. Not only is Smaug a terrible evil being that hordes all the gold of the dwarves underneath a mountain, he also destroys entire cities (or begins to) just because a Hobbit makes him angry. Don’t mess with Smaug. In the movie, he is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, who does an AMAZING job.

Tie Fighters from Star Wars

tieI have a special place in my heart for Tie Fighters. They do not seem very aerodynamic, but to a 10-year-old who receives a Tie Fighter as her birthday present….who cares? They are awesome! Star Wars would not be the same if they left out the Tie Fighters. They look great exploding against things in space.

Buckbeak the Hippogriff from Harry Potter

Hippogriffs are a regal, noble, and proud breed of (fictional) creatures that will literally destroy you if you don’t show them some respect. Buckbeak almost killed Draco Malfoy when introduced because he was being a jerk. But to those who show respect, like Harry and his friends, Buckbeak was a loyal companion when they needed him. Hippogriffs have the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a horse.

Serenity from Firefly

This ship knows how to take a beating and keep flying. Malcom Reynolds ship, Serenity, is a Firefly Class ship that is used for transportation and a LOT of smuggling. There aren’t many ways for a crew of former Browncoats to make a living that doesn’t involve slightly illegal activities.

Ok, it’s your turn! Let me know your favorite things with wings in the comments or on my Facebook page


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    That’s a tough one. I loved the hyppogriffs … But then Smaug was – well, the Smaug of the book was great and it was great to watch Benedict Cumberbatch beeing Smaug, but I wasn’t too fond of it in the film. So the Hyppogriffs are my number one!

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      I need to read The Hobbit again. It’s been a long time. Smaug is such a great character!

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    Great choices for things with wings. Have you ever seen Rockula, because Ralph turns into this bizarre bat type thing with wings that is kind of cute and kind of disgusting 🙂
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

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      I haven’t. I’ll look it up!

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    I loved Firefly. Too bad it got cancelled. I also love Pegasus. 🙂

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      Still sad that Firefly is cancelled. Sigh… 🙂

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