X is for X-Men

April 28, 2015 , In: Geek , With: 6 Comments

The infamous letter ‘X’. So we meet at last. Thank goodness I don’t have to use this letter often…I could’ve written about ‘Xylophones’, but I don’t play. I could’ve used it in another work like ‘eXcellent’ or ‘eXcel’…but really I like X-men a lot so it works out…for this year. To view other blogs writing eXcellent posts using the letter ‘X’, visit here.

The Good: I love the newer X-men movie a LOT. They are so freakin’ good. Like, “geek out but quietly so the kids don’t wake up” sort of movies. I can’t wait until the next one comes out.

These guys are awesome.

These guys are awesome.

Unfortunately, there is no trailer yet since the movie comes out next year (SOB), but here is a link to an article entitled “X-Men: Apocalypse, What we know so far“. Sigh. All I know is that I am excited for the cast and a continuation of the story. I haven’t read many of the comics, although I would like to!

The Bad: I used to watch the old cartoon back in the day and I am not sure if I could watch them again. Every single time I try to revisit something I loved in my childhood, it destroys the magic that surrounded said show, movie, or place. Maybe, once my kids are older I can go back and see the magic again through their eyes. I will say, I am a little sad that Gambit hasn’t been in the movies yet. He was my favorite character as a kid.

The Katy: X-men has always been a part of me. I remember wanting to have super powers as a kid and watching X-men is an awesome way to visit what having powers would be like. There are great things done with the characters’ powers, but also consequences.

Side note: I freakin’ love Quicksilver in Days of Future Past. So funny.  evan-peters-quicksilver-x-men-days-of-future-past

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    • Arlee Bird
    • April 28, 2015

    I’ve never kept up with the X-men, but I wish I could play a xylophone.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    • Reply

      Me too. The Xylophone is pretty amazing when played well! I could probably figure out “Chopsticks” on it, but that’s all. Thanks for visiting!

  1. Reply

    X is always tricky — good post! I can’t believe we only have 2 letters left.


    • Reply

      Thank you! I can’t believe we are almost done!

    • marytkincaid
    • April 29, 2015

    Love the X-men, too. But I have a fondness for all superheroes. The cartoons are part of the childhood experience, a treasure to take with us. I believe that childhood treasures should stay where they are so we can experience X-men as adults and just have fun with them. The experience is different but still worthwhile and entertaining.

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