Z is for Zombie

April 30, 2015 , In: Geek , With: 6 Comments

Wow. April is over? This is the last day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge! It has been a crazy ride, but I think I have grown as a blogger, writer, and reader. I found some new blogs to read and some others have found me as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts this month. We finish up by talking about Zombies for the letter ‘Z’.

The Good: What can be good about zombies, Katy? Well, they aren’t REAL for one. Also, without zombies we wouldn’t have some awesome shows and books. I’ve listed a few of my favorite series/movies below.

Ann Christy’s Between Life and Death Series: Link to my review of the first two books, here and here. I can’t wait to read the third book, which comes out in a month! Ann just updated her covers and they are GORGEOUS. As I have mentioned in several of my reviews, I usually do not like when books show me what the main character looks like. I like to imagine them for myself. But these covers are awesome. I do not mind seeing her at all.

I really enjoy Zom-Coms (not sure if that is an actual term for Zombie Comedies, but it is now). Something so entirely serious about the end of the world, combined with laughable moments, makes an amazing movie. Love them so much.

The Bad: Can you think of a worse way to go? Not only do you get either bitten by someone you used to love or torn to shreds by a disgusting, moaning mob….you have to come back and eat other people. Not my favorite ending if I got to choose.

The Katy: I was a zombie for last Halloween. It was awesome. Not just a zombie, but a Hipster Zombie. “I liked brains before they were cool” people. Zombie make up is fun to do! : )

That’s it for April. I have a lot of book reviews to catch up on, which will be featured right here next week! Happy end of April, everyone!

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    Thanks for featuring me on your A to Z! And I got the Z!

    • Reply

      You are very welcome, Ann! You were the perfect Z for the challenge. 😀

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    Woot woot! Challenge complete. Love reading your post. You’re a blogging machine!

    • Reply

      Thanks Sarah! It’s been crazy, but I feel accomplished! Whew.

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    I was hoping I’d find someone with a zombie post today!

    • Reply

      What else could I write about? My favorite animal is the Zebra…but that would probably be a little boring. lol 😀

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