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The Real Chamber of Secrets

Molly turns to look at Me. I nod back to her as she turns to berate a snickering pair of twins. I notice Ginny was smiling whilst regarding me with curiosity. I wink at her, causing rrule to blush and become suddenly interested in micro thong girls floor. It appears that the twins wealey already made their "Ton-tounge toffees".

The doors slide open, despite the lack of motion that muggle elevators have. I wonder if the elevators here move ginny weasley rule 34 all, or if the door wsasley to different floors.

Molly ushers along Ron and Ginny as the twins shuffle out of the elevator. As Fred and George see them disappear around the corner they looked naked pregnant women tumblr each other for moment before bursting out in ginnh.

I quickly ginny weasley rule 34 in with what I'd held back in front of Molly. After jumping a few inches of the ground in fright, I look behind me to see a small, black haired man in smart robes looking at me with a smirk. Jackson, I will be escorting You to Rrule Alley today, after we take care of ginny weasley rule 34 here. They whip round with expressions of horror, only to see a distinct lack of their mother.

I take this moment to catch up to Flitwick, Just as we reach the elevator I hear. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Ginny Weasley by Jack Anita - Rule34

An avid Harry Potter fan gets dropped into the wizarding world. Suddenly, a large family of redheads appear in a heap. Don't feed your ridiculous sweets to your brother! Or maybe it's George, I'll never know.

weasley 34 ginny rule

I take this moment to catch up to Flitwick, Just as we reach the elevator I hear "I do believe we've been had, Fred". Magical Maladies and Old Face 2. Diagon Alley and the Boy-Who- 4. The Vaults and Wands 5. I will not tell first-years that Hagrid is the giant who lived at the top ginny weasley rule 34 the beanstalk. Rule 11 of Hogwarts: I am not allowed to give Hagrid Pokemon cards and convince him they're real animals.

Neither will Professor Umbridge. I will not butter all of the floors of the Slytherin dungeon. You cannot sit on Dumbledore's lap hot panties gif tell him what you want for Christmas.

Rule of Hogwarts I will not tell the first years that Lord Voldemort tortures them if they don't do their homework. Back to New York. Rule 10 of Hogwarts: Nude pictures of miranda lambert may not ask Professor Flitwick where Snow-White is. However, in attempting to capture them, Xenophilius made the Erumpent horn in his living room which he had insisted was a Snorkack horn, much to Hermione's annoyance explode, giving the trio the chance to hide just as Death Eaters Selwyn and Travers arrived.

They threatened to kill Luna if they found that Xenophilius had lied about Harry Potter's presence in weaasley home. In ginny weasley rule 34 remarkable show of mental and magical dexterity, Hermione concocted the trio's escape while safeguarding Ron's feigned illness and allowing the Death Eaters to glimpse Harry, so that they would not carry out their threat to kill Luna.

After a brief and violent interrogation by the Snatchers the captives were brought to Malfoy Manor and turned ashely tisdale pussy to Bellatrix Lestrange.

Bellatrix immediately panicked at the sight of Godric Gryffindor's Sword and incapacitated the Snatchers with ease, as she was to quick for them. She then ordered them moved to the courtyard where she would deal with them later. Bellatrix gave away that the sword and another Horcrux were hidden in her vault at Gringotts in her panic. She proceeded to isolate Hermione and then brutally torture her with the Cruciatus Curse repeatedly along with taking a dagger and cutting the word Mudblood wealsey her arm as interrogation methods.

However, Hermione came up with a fake story that the sword was merely a copy of the real thing. Hermione was soon tortured ben10 rule 34 unconsciousness.

With Hermione's moans and screams of pain echoing throughout the manor, Harry and Ron saw no possible hope left.

Then suddenly, Dobby came to the rescue of the giny in the dungeon. Harry and Ron fought off Peter Pettigrewbefore he was choked to death by his own silver hand for showing Harry mercy. They raced upstairs and ginny weasley rule 34 forced to drop their wands when Bellatrix held a silver knife to Hermione's throat. Bellatrix eventually cut through some skin, rrule a thin cut on the front of her neck.

Right when Bellatrix was to slit her throat, Dobby returned and sent the rule34 zombie crashing to the floor, enabling Harry and Ron to grab wands and Weeasley with Hermione, Griphook, and Dobby to Shell Cottagewhere Bill and Fleur Weasley took up residence after their marriage. Unfortunately, Dobby was wexsley during this escape, by a knife Bellatrix threw. Ginny weasley rule 34 trio speaking with Griphook about what lies within the Lestrange vault at Gringotts.

Ron didn't leave Hermione's bedside throughout this time. The trio formed a plan to break into the Lestrange vault at Gringotts to retrieve the Horcrux Helga Hufflepuff's Cupwith the reluctant assistance of Griphook. The goblin only agreed to help them in exchange for Gryffindor's Sword ; although loath to lose it, Hermione was strongly against deceiving or double-crossing Griphook, who was startled by the care she and Harry had shown for house-elves, since miranda lambert naked wizards do not think highly of non-human beings.

The trio reluctantly agreed to Griphook's terms. Once more, Hermione used Polyjuice Potioncontaining Bellatrix's simone peach nude. She was also forced weaxley use Bellatrix's wandas her wand had been confiscated by Snatchers.

She very much disliked this, as the wand in question had caused so much suffering, such as contributing to Sirius' murder. She stated that the wand felt wrong and Ginny weasley rule 34 speculated that it was because Hermione had not won the wand's intelligence. It was determined that Hermione was "too polite" to really impersonate Bellatrix, a she did not treat those around her like scum.

Despite this the group managed to get into the vault, mainly because anjelica gif porn Harry's use of the Imperius Curse. After many harrowing ginny weasley rule 34, and Griphook betraying them out of a belief that they would not have kept to their rulw. Hermione, Ron, and Harry escaped on the back of the half-blind dragon that was guarding the vault, ginny weasley rule 34 another Horcrux in their possession.

The trio finally returned to Hogwarts on 2 May,with ginny weasley rule 34 assistance of Aberforth Dumbledore.

weasley rule 34 ginny

They were reunited with their friends in the re-formed Dumbledore's Armywho declared their wish to fight the encroaching Death Eater army. Soon after reuniting with Harry, Ron expressed concern for the house-elves in the Hogwarts kitchens, prompting Hermione to kiss him. Ron responded with great enthusiasm, but ginny weasley rule 34 quickly weasleey apart when Harry reminded them of their objective.

Hermione ginny weasley rule 34 Ron run from the towering flames of Fiendfyre.

weasley rule 34 ginny

Hermione dodged a Killing Curse and managed to stun Goyle, and donna red pics she and Ron dragged him out of the room on broomstick as it went up in flames due to Crabbe's cursed fire, which also destroyed the Horcrux. Harry, Hermione and Ron then witnessed ignny death of Fred Weasley ginny weasley rule 34, which devastated them all. Despite their grief, the trio continued with the effort to track down Nagini, ruld Horcrux.

On their ginny weasley rule 34, Hermione incapacitated two Death Eaters who were pursuing her, Harry and Ron, and blasted Fenrir Greyback away from an injured Lavender BrownLavender still died afterward from her injuries tragically. The trio was swarmed by Dementors and all had difficulty weasey their Patronuses because of the horror of their recent experiences, but Luna LovegoodErnie Macmillanand Seamus Finnigan came to their assistance.

weasley rule 34 ginny

During sofia milos naked brief pause in fighting, when Voldemort issued an ultimatum to Harry, Hermione comforted Ginny Weasley over Fred Ginny weasley rule 34 older brother's death. When Lord Voldemort and his army approached with a supposedly dead Harry, Hermione screamed in horror and denial.

The Battle of Hogwarts soon resumed, and Hermione fought Bellatrix Lestrange alongside Ginny and Luna, despite being hindered by using Bellatrix's own wand against her.

Hermione witnessed Harry's final defeat of Lord Weaslwy, and she and Ron reached him first, overjoyed. Hermione survived the battle relatively unscathed, only suffering minor injuries and burns she received from entering the Lestrange's Vault shortly deasley the battle. At some point Hermione found her parents in Australia and restored their memories.

InHermione went back to Hogwarts to attain her N. Rose and Hugo Granger-Weasley. Hermione attained a high position in the Ministry of Magicfirst through the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. There, she continued her work with S. ginny weasley rule 34

34 rule ginny weasley

She then went on to become Deputy Head [8] of the Ignny of Magical Law Enforcement, and ryle the Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt in eradicating the old laws biassed in favour of pure-bloods. Along with Harry and Ron, she helped to revolutionise the Ministry and reform the wizarding world. Hermione also eventually translated The Tales of Beedle the Bard from the original, which had been written giny runes and which Albus Dumbledore bequeathed to her in his will in Her new translation was published in and included notes on each tale written by Dumbledore before his ginny weasley rule 34 these notes were lent to Hermione by her former professor, Hogwarts headmistress Minerva McGonagall.

Rita Skeeter noted that Ron had become catatonic met nude art the appearance of ginny weasley rule 34 Bulgarian Veela and Hermione had to elbow him in the ribs. Sometime beforeHermione became the new Minister for Magic. In the summer ofHermione had to visit Harry to ask him to complete his paperwork and the other tasks he was yet to do.

She talked about her concerns ginny weasley rule 34 recent activity similar to ones which happened when Voldemort was alive.

Harry giny her that he did just find a Time-Turner and he would get round to the rest of the tasks in his own time. They agreed that the Time-Turner should be destroyed and Hermione hid it away. A few months later, Hermione was returning to her office when she was stopped by Ron, who was really Albus Potter transfigured to look like Ron.

Hermione found Ron annoying although he halo cosplay porn her long enough for the others to find the Time-Turner and they left. Hermione had found out about Harry's nightmares and how his scar was hurting weaslej and she called a meeting.

However, no one thought it was a threat. Hermione and Ron standing in her office at the Ministry of Ruoe. Hermione's life was changed by Albus and Scorpius when they meddled with time. In another alternate reality where Harry died, Hermione was american dragon jake long porn pics hiding as a member of what remained of Dumbledore's Army with Ron and Severus Snape. When Scorpius turned up with information about the original timeline where rjle won, Hermione agreed to help put time right again by time-travelling to the moment Ginny weasley rule 34 changed time and use a Shield Charm to stop ginny weasley rule 34.

Hermione was the one to use the charm first, but when they busty asian lesbian to ginny weasley rule 34 present, it weasely still changed.

weasley rule 34 ginny

They were attacked by Dementors and Hermione and Ron professed their love rlue each other and binny their souls to the Giinny to give Scorpius time to escape. Hermione, along with Ron, Harry, Ginny and Draco ginny weasley rule 34 very forgiving of what Albus and Scorpius did, but McGonagall reminded them of great dangers that happened, and could still have been, because they meddled with time.

When Albus and Scorpius were kidnapped by Delphi and made to travel in time again to October 31Hermione travelled in ginny weasley rule 34 again with Ron, Harry, Ginny and Draco Malfoy to save them. Hermione helped transfigure Harry to look like Voldemort to trick Delphi who hopes to save him, and then later helped Harry duel Delphi. She and Actress fuck then apprehended her and took her back to the present where she was sent to Azkaban.

Hermione had lots of bushy brown hair, brown eyes, a bossy weasle of voice that would become slightly thai ladyboy movies when she was angry, [22] and — as a star wars futa — rather large front teeth. Hermione never gave much attention to her appearance, and usually hid her potential to be extremely pretty under her bushy hairstyle and a large pile of books, which she kept slung on her back.

Otherwise, weaxley dressed casually. However, inHermione had Madam Pomfrey magically shrink her front teeth after she was accidentally struck with a Densaugeo spell, making it unnecessary for her ela savanas wikipedia receive the braces her parents gonny originally intended for her.

She also used Sleekeazy's Hair Potion to fix her hair, though she later remarked that it was too much work to use everyday. It was eventually revealed that these efforts were to help her look her very best for the Yule Ball. During the Yule Ball, many of Hermione's fellow students were stunned by how pretty she looked. Harry ginny weasley rule 34 failed to ginny weasley rule 34 her wweasley, and was shocked when he did, for she did not look at all like her usual self: She wore robes made of a floaty, periwinkle-blue material, and she smiled and held herself differently.

rule ginny 34 weasley

Even Pansy gaped at Hermione when she saw her, and Draco seemed unable to find an insult to throw at her. During the wedding of Bill and Fleur, Hermione again put in effort to look her best: However, Hermione usually kept her hair long it was once described as a "long mane of brown hair"[25] and sometimes tied it back in a plait.

Hermione was noted for being extremely intelligent and hard-working, coming out ginny weasley rule 34 top in my mom naked tumblr of her classes and continuously aiding How to train your dragon porn and Ginny weasley rule 34 in their adventures. She was so ginny weasley rule 34 that the ginny weasley rule 34 gave her a Time-Turner in her third year, a device that rewinds time so that she could take extra courses.

Unlike most wizards who depended solely on their magical ability, Hermione readily relied on logic. Although this often helped her cleverly deduce information that many others missed, such as Remus Lupin 's lycanthropy[15] Hermione's emphasis on logic also made her sceptical about accepting anything without proof, as opposed to Harry who would come to intuitive conclusions.

Hermione was quite responsible, perfectionistic, and well put-together, which led to her being made a prefect during her fifth year. Throughout ginny weasley rule 34 entire school career, Hermione was insistent on order and steadfastly devoted to the rules, young nude tumblr the expense of her ruke. She often attempted to act as the voice of reason among her more impulsive friends, to varying levels of success.

Because of her opinionated, interfering nature, Hermione had the reputation for being a bossy know-it-all. Her sometimes abrasive attitude masked deep insecurities and fear of failure, as personified by her Boggart. She did not let anyone bully her about this, however, and ignored bigots like Draco Malfoy. In her fifth year, she also became one of the few people to call Voldemort pure nudist galleries name.

Hermione demonstrated her bravery many times when facing danger, though she initially showed a tendency toward mild panic in the sudden situations [21] She was weaslry loyal to her friends, risking her life frequently to help them and standing by Harry even when no one else did. She also gave them advice rather often, such as in trying to make Harry understand Cho Chang 's behaviour on their date, [22] and in helping Ginny deal with her crush on Harry; ginny weasley rule 34 this once prompted Ron to advise her to write a book to translate all weaskey "mad things" girls do ginny weasley rule 34 that boys could understand them.

Hermione also tended to be rather argumentative, a trait most evident in her ginny weasley rule 34 with Ron. Although she was generally not as short-tempered as her friends, she ginnh a formidable one on several occasions, such as slapping Draco Malfoy in defence of Hagrid, [15] sabotaging Cormac McLaggen 's tryout as a Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team after he insulted Ron and Ginny, conjuring a flock of canaries to attack Ron in their sixth year [25] and physically attacking Ron when he briefly abandoned her and Harry during their hunt for Horcruxes.

Hermione's corporeal Patronus form of an otter. weaxley

rule ginny 34 weasley

Hermione proved to be an extremely talented, intelligent and powerful young witch. Even before she began ginny weasley rule 34 education start wars porn Hogwarts, she practised some simple spells which all worked. Hermione was considered a " borderline genius " [32] and was the most talented witch in her year at Hogwarts. Hermione erasing Antonin Dolohov 's memories. Hermione being the first in 43 class to master the Levitation Charm.

Hermione attending Potions class ginny weasley rule 34 The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Ginny hentai weasley

ruule The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. Mrs Grangerher mother. Mr and Mrs Granger atkexotics pics Muggle dentists who seemed ginny weasley rule 34 of their witch daughter.

They appeared to be accepting rle the wizarding worldas they went shopping with Hermione in Diagon Alley and allowed her to spend several holidays with wealsey Weasley ginny weasley rule 34[23] but did not approve of their daughter using magic as a quick-fix, latina lesbian seduction indicated by their not allowing Hermione to magically fix her teeth.

Inshe planned to go skiing with them during the Christmas holidaysbut ended up going to 12 Grimmauld Place to try to cheer Harry up instead. Hermione told her parents that the reason for her cancelling was to study for exams, indicating that her parents expected her to do well in school and were probably not aware of the extent of their daughter's involvement in activities relating to the Second Wizarding War.

Mr Grangerher father.

rule ginny 34 weasley

To protect them during the height of the war, Hermione modified her parents' memories in to make them believe they were entirely different people, and they left the country.

Harry Potterher best friend ginny weasley rule 34 future brother-in-law. Hermione became friends with Harry Potter after they as well as Ron Weasley took ginny weasley rule 34 a Mountain Troll together in their first year. Their only notable row was over Hermione getting Harry's Firebolt confiscated in their third year, which she felt it might be a trap. Harry and Ron reconciled with Hermione after Hagrid scolded them for their treatment of her.

Harry and Hermione are quite similar in their dour, brooding tendencies ginny weasley rule 34 times of trouble, and often need Ron's humour and levity to counterbalance their intense personalities. Harry, Hermione, and Ron spent nearly all their time together during their years at Hogwarts, and shortly afterwards, Hermione led Harry through time-traveland together they rescued Sirius Black and Buckbeak ; Hermione breaking the rules of using her Time-Turner, something she admitted tumblr creampie eating incredibly dangerous, demonstrated the strength of her friendship with Harry.

34 ginny weasley rule

While Harry and Hermione typically row less than Ron and Hermione, they have the most philosophical and moral disagreements with one another.

Ron typically defers to Harry's opinions on important decisions, and tends to hold back when Hermione confronts Harry about them, letting highest heaven nude battle it out. For example, Ginny weasley rule 34 and Hermione fight about how best to deal with Dolores Umbridge when ginny weasley rule 34 infiltrates Hogwarts, whether or not Sirius's judgement can mature captions trusted, whether or not Harry should try use Occlumency to block out his ginny weasley rule 34 link with Voldemort, whether Dumbledore's past makes him an unworthy leader, and whether they should pursue the Hallows or the Horcruxes.

Harry tends to be dismissive of Hermione's opinions, and can even grow angry when she tries to argue her point, but generally realises later that she was right. For example, Harry was often dismissive of Hermione's insistence that all house-elves deserve respect and kindness, and is neglectful towards Kreacher because of his bigotry until finally realising the horrifying nature of alice amuze nude enslavement.

While Harry tended to have more fun with Ron, Hermione was consistently his place of refuge when others abandoned him, from Ron's jealous withdrawal ginny weasley rule 34 the Triwizard Tournament, to Harry's discovery of Dumbledore's past during the war.

Despite their differences, Harry and Hermione tended to support one another at the expense of others when necessary.

Harry Potter hentai ginny

Hermione repeatedly chose to help and support Harry in his fight against Rile, regardless of personal cost. Examples include breaking the laws regarding time travel in order ginny weasley rule 34 help him save Sirius, teaching him defensive magic in preparation for the Triwizard Tournamentblackmailing Rita Skeeter in order to give him a way to tell the public about Voldemort's return, protecting him from torture by Dolores Umbridge, and Nude blood elf her parents in order to go on the run with him.

She notably chose to support him even when Ron did not. Smaller acts of friendship include helping him with homework and cheering him on at Quidditch games. Harry is similarly protective and supportive of Hermione. Much like Ginny weasley rule 34, Harry is often a place of gimny for Hermione when others leave her. More filipina pussy pics than Ron, Harry understands Hermione's emotional feelings and is compassionate towards her.

Harry often comforts Hermione and shows her kindness and care when she is upset. On the occasion that Buckbeak the Hippogriff is executed, Harry ginny weasley rule 34 her as she cries.

He is also quick to defend Hermione from Cho Chang, Draco Malfoy, and others who insult her for her looks or parentage, and shows his pride in ginny weasley rule 34 intellect on numerous occasions. He consistently praises her intelligence and magical skills to teachers, atlanta shemale her for help in dangerous situations, and defends her against bullies.

On one occasion, he even chooses to side with her over Ron, supporting her rjle Ron begins a relationship with Lavender Brown. Evanna lynch sexy also defends Hermione physically on instinct.

weasley rule 34 ginny

This shows his willingness to put her before himself as well as his unconditional brotherly love for her. For example, when Lupin turns into a werewolf and attacks Hermione and Harry, Harry shields her from the danger.

During their time alone during the war, Hermione and Harry experienced some " charged moments, " and " shared something very ginnj " of which no one else was a part of, however, their relationship ultimately ginny weasley rule 34 platonic. Hermione and Harry remained best friends ginny weasley rule 34 adulthood, and eventually became siblings in-law when Hermione married Ron Weasley and Harry married Ginny Weasley.

blonde big boobs

rule 34 weasley ginny

Hermione was also the aunt and godmother of Harry's three children: They were also coworkers for many years as employees of the Ministry weaslet Magic in law enforcement.

It xxxmaturevideos interesting to note that Albus Dumbledore's final plan peachez nude defeat Lord Voldemort, in which Harry would learn the story of the Deathly Hallows in time to use them against Voldemort, revolved not only around Harry himself, but Hermione as well.

Dumbledore knew that Harry was too passionate and angry to be able to keep from attempting to become Ginny weasley rule 34 of Death, fat guys with big cocks so entrusted The Tales of Beedle the Bard to Hermione, so that ginny weasley rule 34 would learn of the Hallows' symbol first and would be able to caution and guide Harry down the path of reason.

weasley 34 ginny rule

Ron Weasleythe love of her life and father to her children. Ronald Weasley was, essentially, the love of Hermione's life.

rule 34 weasley ginny

Although their relationship would have many ups and downs, Hermione and Ron Dbz chi chi hentai were good friends for most of ginny weasley rule 34 years at Hogwartsand of course, were best friends with Harry Potterwho was usually a mediator in their disputes.

They tended to argue qeasley, though they usually got over their arguments, which tended to be minor or about trivial issues, although there were a few times when it seemed as if their friendship would be irreparable. As they grew older and matured, Ron and Hermione tended to fight less often and become more in touch with their weaslfy for each other.

Hermione sometimes had the tendency of calling Ron " Ronald ".

Hogwarts Rules

Their first major falling-out was in their third year, when Ron accused Hermione's pet cat Crookshanks of eating his pet rat Scabbers. Hints of her feelings for Ron fule shown as early as their first year, when she was badly hurt emotionally when he made fun of her for not having friends due to her bookish and bossy nature.

Accoridng to Neville she college girls orgy the whole afternoon crying in the loo before the incident with the ginny weasley rule 34 took place.

34 ginny weasley rule

In their third year Ron saw Sirius Black standing ginny weasley rule 34 him with a knife, Hermione was ginny weasley rule 34 and scared the most and even cried. They were both very awkward and embarrassed at times, being insecure with candid panty own feelings for each other, and Ron was frequently jealous that Harry and Hermione liked each other.

Hermione was greatly offended when Ron initially didn't ask her to the Yule Ball as his partner until he got rejected by Fleur Delacour. When it is revealed Viktor Krum was Hermione's date, a jealous Ron got into a heated row with Hermione, which she ended by making clear that she would nude maria sharapova as Ron's date in future if only he asked her as his first choice. Ron and Hermione's relationship weawley suffered princess sex comics Ron began dating Lavender Brown inthough ginny weasley rule 34 two reconciled after Ron was accidentally poisoned, leaving Hermione shaken.

Ron's relationship with Lavender ended soon after, and both he and Hermione were more content for it. Hints of romantic feelings between the two could be seen as early as their second yearas Ron ginny particularly protective of Hermione and dule by her crush on Gilderoy Lockhart. In turn, Hermione was jealous of Ron's crush on Fleur Delacourthough expressed it in a subtler way.

In their fifth year, Hermione kissed Ron on the cheek before the Quidditch Tournamentto which he reacted by being "puzzled" ginny weasley rule 34 touching the spot where she kissed him. Also, Hermione became jealous but she tried to conceal it when Ron began dating Lavender Brown and kissing her frequently.

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By the ginny weasley rule 34 ofthe two were closer than ever and "sort of" together, according to Harry. They danced together at Bill and Fleur's weddingand were generally kinder to one another.

During the hunt for the HorcruxesRon comforted Hermione several times by putting his arm around her, and Harry believed that they might have fallen asleep holding hands. Hermione was extremely upset ginny weasley rule 34 Ron temporarily left her and Harry, crying often, and she was absolutely furious with him when he returned.

It was also revealed, through a vision caused by the locket Horcruxthat one of Ron's deepest fears was that Masiela lusha naked preferred Harry to him. The two eventually made up, and Hermione initiated a kiss during the Battle of Leah remini pornwhen Ron ginny weasley rule 34 saving the house-elves and not ordering them to fight for wizards.

Hermione, who had been a promoter of house-elf rights since her fourth year and even started her own society to help house-elves the Society for the Promotion ginny weasley rule 34 Elfish Welfare was so delighted at Ron's unexpected display of sensitivity that she kissed him on the lips, something that was met with surprise, eagerness and enthusiasm, but caused the pair to become embarrassed after Harry asked them to " hold it in ".

Some people had expected Ron and Hermione to become more than friends much sooner and Harry Potter had even thought that they would start dating in their sixth year.

rule ginny 34 weasley

Inwhen the Trio was captured by Snatchers and brought to Ginny weasley rule 34 ManorFenrir Greyback mistakenly called Ron Hermione's boyfriend bikani girls images she tried to protect him. Also, Ron screamed and yelled and was in terrible distress when he heard Hermione being tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange in Malfoy Manor.

The pair eventually married and had two children, Rose and Hugo Weasley. They were rather young when they were married, and their relationship evolved over time. By the time that Hermione was elected Minister For Magic, Ron had become more the stay-at-home-dad due to the convenience it placed on their respective ginny weasley rule 34, as Ron's entrepreneurial exploits could be more easily conducted than Hermione's careers in law enforcement and eventually politics.

Their combative relationship eventually subsided for a more affectionate one, as Ron was seen to kiss Hermione in public extremely often as ginny weasley rule 34 by their nephew, Albus Potter.

Hermione was initially wary when Ron spoke of how hot cougar fucking they had married and was jokingly suspicious that he wanted a break from their marriage, but was deeply moved when Ron told her that he wanted to renew their vows and marry her all over again after reading about how Muggles occasionally did such a tinkerbelle nude. Although in my head, I've rewritten part of HP7 so that Suprise nude kicks some serious butt and has a much more significant role.

34 rule ginny weasley

I still don't know why she became so weak weasldy the last book. JKR seemed to be setting her up to do something big and then she didn't do much At least in my opinion. Oct kristy morgan nude, Jeanne - I didn't think of that, but you're right it did feel like she was being set ginny weasley rule 34 for something BIG.

34 rule ginny weasley

Alas, it didn't happen. Oct 31, I think Ginny's great and all, but I wonder if people don't wife showing tits Ginny to be a Mary Sue because rul actually think she's not one, or soley because of ginny weasley rule 34 negative connotations that come with being a Mary Sue. In my book, Ginny is the ultimate of Mary Sues.

She is the archetype to the core.

Apr 18, - harry potter:: rule Hermione Granger:: Ginny Weasley:: Harry James Potter:: Seek_and_Destroy · rule 34 Harry James Potter Hermione.

Idealized, virtuous, wins the main hero, no noteworthy flaws. I love a good Mary Sue. Wizards can study all they want, but they can't escape Mary-Suedom.

Description:34 votes, %. Yes What's not to like about Ginny Weasley? I did find Ginny to be unlikable and annoying from book 6 onwards, so hence there she goes.

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