A is for Architecture

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Mitchell Building

I love architecture, which is why I chose that topic for day 1 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year. In high school, I had many many eclectic varieties of career choices. In fact, my school counselor was stumped on what direction to point me in when I had to meet with him senior year. My list included: Marine Biologist, Architect, FBI Agent, person who builds giant lego structures at Lego Land (Lego Architect maybe?), Broadway Actress, interior designer, graphic designer….and it went on for awhile like that. So, while I didn’t get to pursue ALL of the choices I wanted, I still remain interested in them to this day.

I love beautifully designed buildings reaching to the heavens, thus the topic for the letter ‘A’.

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum


The Good: I live in the Milwaukee area (born and raised woo!), which is home to some gorgeous architecture. Not only does Milwaukee have an amazing art museum (pictured, the Calatrava), but it also sports hundreds of historical churches and homes, especially along Lake Michigan. Sigh. So pretty.

The Bad: Not all homes and public buildings are pretty. Even less so when someone takes a badly angled photo. So, while this site is sad in that people actually take such horrible photos, it is hilarious. You can also follow them on Twitter @BadRealtyPhotos.

I also took this creepy photo in downtown Milwaukee recently that I figured would fit here.

20150327_192110The Katy: My current job doesn’t need me to design buildings or have anything at all to do with architecture (good thing too…I am pretty terrible at math), so I’ll show you one of my design projects from college. We had to choose an architect and create a print piece that reflected their design style. I chose Zaha Hadid, who is an amazing modern architect. Visit her website here to see more of her gorgeous buildings/art pieces. I could certainly improve my design assignment now that I’ve had several years of experience, but I think it’s important to remember where/what we have created in the past. It’s a nice reminder of where I’ve come from and where I want to be in the future. Or I’m just too lazy/my computer from college is dead so I’d have to start from scratch…cough cough. Let’s go with the first, more inspirational, option.

(Photos all from google image searches, except for the creepy building, which I take credit for capturing)

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