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I have this problem. Ok, it’s not really a problem…not a serious one at least. I’ve had this quirk for a LONG time–maybe since high school. Tuesdays are a good day for confessions, right?

Ok here I go.

I want to do ALL THE THINGS.

11707829_10204136065194115_433938332823930811_oWhew. That feels good to get off my chest!

What I mean is that even when I have a lot going on, I have this urge to add more things to my plate. I like juggling, but I’m not particularly good at it.

In high school, I was an honor roll student while also participating in show choir, musicals, band, regular choir, part-time job, driver’s ed, and anything else I could get my busy little hands on.

Now, I am a mother, wife, friend, full-time event/production coordinator for a non-profit, aspiring author, blogger, social media enthusiast, reader/reviewer, and I have recently decided to do more things.

Sometimes I succeed for a little while in keeping everything spinning happily and other times I fail miserably.

But I realized something. I need to be busy, because that’s what makes me happy. Even if it doesn’t always work out or turn out to be the right thing for me. I thrive on busy. I dine on stress and filled calendars for dinner. I love it.11696356_10204136067114163_451609827584869230_o

So, I think I’ll continue doing all the things while still being an awesome mom to two crazy kids and a wife to man who loves me, even though I want to do all the things. And he encourages me to follow my dreams.

So next time I venture into a new thing to test the limits of my juggling, I’ll give it a whirl. Who knows? Maybe I’ll love it. If not, I’ll trying something else. Life’s great like that.

What things do you juggle? Just go for it!


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