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We are already to the letter F! To view other blogs participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, click here!

I have decided to feature “Fashion” for the letter ‘F’ this year. While I don’t claim to be a fashionista or anything, I love looking and feeling great about the things that I wear.dress

The Good: I went to my first fashion show a few weeks ago! Celebrating her 10th year in the fashion industry, Milwaukee’s own Silversärk held a fashion show with the theme “Byzantium.” I loved it because it was a history lesson and fashion show all rolled in one! I attended it with my sister, her boyfriend Justin (a close friend of the designer), and my friend Caitlin (super fabulous fashionista. View her blog here). One of my favorite features of the show was how every model/outfit represented a different person or event from the era of the Byzantine Empire. If the model represented an emperor, her hands were gold. ravenhandsDeath or war, the hands were black or red. Amazing.

The Bad: I love getting new clothes, but when you have kids/bills (lame) to pay for, it’s hard to update your closet all the time. I sometimes click on a cute dress or pair of shoes on Pinterest just to see if I could afford it if I wanted to. Most of the time, the items are hundreds of dollars! Even if I could afford it, would it last long here? It would pretty be guaranteed to get spilled on, peed on, or trampled in moments of arrival. I have found some brand name GEMS at Goodwill, so I think I’ll stick to that for now, thank you!


The designer herself says thank you to her guests!

The Katy: I buy 90% of my clothes at Target, Goodwill, and clearance racks at the mall. I still think I look pretty sharp most of the time. I wear mostly dresses to work (office casual wear) and I love experimenting with new combinations of items I own. I think it’s important to love what you wear at least some of the time! I am not opposed to sweat pants and a ratty t-shirt around the house for sure!

(Photos taken by me! On my cell phone…so they aren’t great. But you get the idea! Check out Silversärk on facebook and Etsy!)

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    But you are beautiful. Buy one thing that is expensive, makes you feel wonderful and wear it for years, like the French.

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      Thank you, Natalie! And that is exactly what I do. I have clothing that I love to wear and will continue to wear for years to come. Thank you for your insight!

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