Happy New Year! 2015 is Here!

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2015 is here! Last year was an equal mix of good, difficult, and awesome. I know 2015 will bring more of the same and I am ready! But first, some highlights:

1. Luke, the kids, Juice, and I moved to our own apartment (like real adults, people!). It felt awesome to have some space to kick around.

2. Graham started sleeping through the night! SCORE. It is amazing how more hopeful I am now that I get a full night’s rest.

3. Luke and I celebrated 6 years of marriage in July. Luke is pretty cool. I guess I’ll keep him.

4. Tristan turned 3 in July. He also was diagnosed with Autism (ASD) this month. It was a heartbreaking thing to hear that my child wasn’t “normal”, but it was a good thing to get an early diagnosis. He is in special Pre-K now and improves his language skills everyday! Walker_071

5. July was a busy month! I also got a new job at Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod as their Missions Event/Production Coordinator. I schedule speakers for events, make things pretty with graphic design, and other awesome random things. It feels nice to be using my degree (even though I miss my Starbucks family).

6. Graham also started therapy for speech. He is also improving. Hopefully, his language skills will explode soon!

7. After watching the show, FaceOff on SyFy, I decided to give Special FX makeup a try. I love it and am very excited to keep growing in my skills! Halloween was a lot of fun. My cousins, Nicole and Natalie, and I were a zombie hoard. I got a lot of compliments on my makeup, which felt great. (See some FX makeup posts here and here.)

8. In November, I joined thousands of people from all over the world for National Novel Writing Month. The goal was to write 50,000 words in one month to win and I did it! (See post here)


Generally, I don’t make resolutions. Resolutions feel like they were made to be broken and I want to better myself without that pressure. Saying that, here are some hopeful goals for 2015.

1. Stop renting! I am sick of wasting money on a place I am renting. We are throwing money away instead of into something that we own. Yuck. Done. We are making baby steps towards a house for us to grow into!

2. Hear those babies talk! Both Tristan and Graham are getting better each day with talking, but still have a long way to go. Tristan is getting pretty good at repeating things he hears, but isn’t consistent yet. Graham babbles a lot, but doesn’t make clear words or sentences. With some more help from school and therapy, they will be pros soon!

3. Travel. We hope to meet Luke’s parents halfway (ish) this summer! It’s been awhile and I am excited to get out of the state again.

4. Finish my novel.

5. Get better at creating special effects makeup magic.

6. Get more involved in church stuff.

7. Get in shape (on everyone’s list)!

I just know this year is going to be amazing. 😉



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