It’s ok to be sad

July 2, 2015 , In: Inspiration , With: No Comments

Dear Internet friends,

I am sad. But even though almost 100% of the time I try to put on that happy face–professional face–I am sometimes sad. And that’s ok.

One day, I can put on a that happy mask and get through a day helping other people, but then when I go home I collapse. Sweatpants. Chocolate. Netflix. Tears.

It’s a release. Things are sad sometimes and you may feel that you need to be happy ALL the time. For the children. For your job. For your family. But I know I am not a robot. I have emotions that sometimes decide to spill from my eyes and release that something clawing out from inside of me. I cry.

And then I’m fine. The next day will be better. And I can smile again.

When you’re sad, what is your release? Do you cry? Listen to sad music? Comment below or send send me a virtual hug. Because everyone needs to be sad once in awhile.

And that’s ok. 11329898_10204099601882555_1027262074912665827_n

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