L is for Long Afternoons

April 14, 2015 , In: Inspiration, Kids , With: 3 Comments

This letter was difficult for me for some reason. Maybe I’m just getting burnt out on IMG_20150412_195331writing everyday? No, I don’t think so! This blogging challenge has really helped me find my writing voice I think. To view other blogs participating in the A to Z Challenge, visit here.

L is for long afternoons.

The Good: Spring is here and now we can spend 95% of the weekend hours outside. And it. is. glorious. The kids have bloomed into even more happy, fun, and rambunctious toddlers now that they have space to spread their arms and run around the yard. We are blessed with a 1/2 acre lot so there is definitely enough space for our little family to hang out. We spent this last weekend enjoying the fresh air and it was magic.

The Bad: Holy yard work, Batman! As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, we have a 1/2 acre of yard to run around in…but first we needed to rake the leaves and pick up the tons of sticks and branches laying around. It took awhile. It was hard. I got my first blister as a homeowner (so proud). But we had help! My parents came down armed with rakes and tarps to drag the leave around the yard. And it was fun and gratifying. So, not really a bad thing!

20150412_192426The Katy: The end of a long afternoon deserves s’mores. So that’s what we did. After my parents left, I couldn’t stop cleaning. I even forced my Dad to help me move a couch to the basement before he left. It looks a lot more open in the living room now! Plus, more room for the kids to play. (Sorry…no BEFORE photo, but there was a huge loveseat where that tiny Cars rug is now)

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    I’m with you on the being outside! Although I can hear my kids fighting right now as I type this. Those leaves though! Glad you had help!

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      Better than them fighting inside at least! Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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    We have loved being outside lately too. The mild weather is a treat for us, as in the south it gets hot so quickly!

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