on the days we lose

March 1, 2016 , In: Inspiration , With: 2 Comments

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I lost today. I gathered my courage and new writer skills and wrote a short story. I submitted this 5000 word piece of myself to a (free) short story competition.

After reading thousands (into the double digits) of short stories, the contest judges contacted the winners yesterday…and I wasn’t one of them.

Of course, I knew there wasn’t much of a chance that I could win under such overwhelming odds. But the rock in the pit of my stomach tells me that my heart¬†did¬†hope more than I thought it did.

This is only the first contest. The first submission. The first of many firsts.

Did you lose today? Something big? Something small that still mattered to you?

I hope your Monday went well. But if it didn’t, know that you aren’t alone. Know that there are others out there that also lost. Or have in the past. Or will in the future.

Your win is coming. Maybe mine too!

Keep at it.

I think about all of the authors that were rejected over and over before getting their chance. Not saying I’m guaranteed to win like those authors, but I’ll keep trying.

Writing is sharing a piece of ourselves with others, but I do it for me as well.
Because I love it.

I hope you get your win today!

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  1. I really admire how you’re able to put a positive spin on things. I need to work on that more, so that the days of loss as you mention, aren’t so hard to handle and move on from.

    Trying is what living is about after all, so as long as we keep doing it, we’re doing it right:)

    • Reply

      Thank you! Writing definitely serves as an outlet for these feelings. It’s definitely a little easier for me to be positive on paper (or screen) versus in real life. But that’s ok! We all have bad days and I know I’ll have a good day soon. <3

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