Prayers for Nice, France and the world today

July 15, 2016 , In: Inspiration , With: 2 Comments

I know I don’t usually talk about current events on this blog. My blog is devoted to books, geekiness, and other such things that offer us an escape from reality. A reality that has become somehow darker lately than we thought possible. Everyone has a different way of coping with tragedies. Me? I write. The only way I can find to get my emotions out is on paper (or screen). It helps me feel slightly better, even if it changes nothing. But maybe, some words can change things. Probably not. But we have to try. Our hearts are aching. If you lost someone recently in one of the many attacks lately or are just angry about the world, I am sending you a virtual hug. You are not alone. It may not look like it right now, but it’ll get better.

I wrote this poem after the Dallas Shooting recently, but it applies to Nice, France as well. My prayers are with everyone who is hurting. #prayingforeveryone

“Change” a poem by me.

I hope to dream of brighter days
for all who upon this earth do lay
when darkness descended––a common trope
and grasped tightly all people’s hearts and throats

How can I smile, say all is well
when all I see is blood that spills
that runs across the world––a plague
And solutions are only grim or vague

These words I write, no better
No help they offer the bitter
But in my heart I feel
That words can heal
If meanings are real

This writing only serves to ease
for this one moment––I plead.
my mind and heart and soul
is here to grasp and hold
our hands
our heart
As we cry together
for our world.

For that one moment I believe
that words
can change

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    Beautiful thoughts Katy, you’re very talented and I always admire how honest you are with your feelings. I’m always so afraid to say how I feel (unless it relates to the latest book on queue), but people like you remind me that if you mean it, that’s all that matters.

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      Thank you! I know it’s hard to say how we feel. I don’t always, that’s for sure! But this time, I hope I can inspire some others even if I can’t do much else to help. <3

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