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Happy Monday everyone! I am super tired, since Luke and I stayed out until 9:30 PM last night (we are aware that we are super old). It was awesome and worth it. A few drinks with friends, playing Super Smash Bros and Card Against Humanity at 42 Lounge in Milwaukee….amazing time. But, back to Monday. Today’s letter is ‘W’ and I decided to delve into my novel a little bit. For those that do not know, I wrote for NaNoWriMo last November. To learn more about NaNo, read my blog on the subject here.

The Good: Writing is therapeutic. Slathering my mind all over a page is awesome exercise for my brain and helps increase my vocabulary. Sometimes, I choose writing prompts that require me to use a certain word I may have never heard of before. It’s great!  When I chose to write for NaNo, I wanted to use a short story I wrote as the basis for an entire book. It felt amazing to breathe life into characters and places. Writing has always been a part of my life, but NaNo helped me get past just writing short stories or poetry.

The Bad: Writing is a little nerve-wracking. What if I think what I wrote is good, but it’s actually really stupid? Or confusing to everyone but me? Or has already been done 50 times?

My answers for these insecurities: Write what you love. That’s what everyone says. Even if others think it’s dumb, as long as YOU love it that’s ok! It may sting a little, but just keep writing! I know I’m getting better and better each day and you can too.

I personally have a problem with trying to make things simple. I understand what I mean, but I need to try harder to keep it simple. I’ll get there. Writing books is hard!

The Katy: Ok. Time to put myself out there. I need to remember my own advice above, but the story excerpt is below. The basic plot is that the human world is slowly being destroyed by shadows who steal people’s emotions, making people mean/suicidal/evil. The excerpt below is from the City mayor’s point of view. Enjoy!

As he slept, his thoughts traveled on winged shadows, enveloping his reason to live. They whispered into his ear that he was worthless and no one loved him. He sat up in bed, heart beating fast and lit a candle to alleviate some of the darkness. A crazed reflection caught his attention in the dusty gilded mirror across his vast bedroom. Usually, he loved his four-poster bed and mural painted walls. But tonight, even the eleven foot ceiling threatened to crush him. The whispers began again and he clapped his hands over his ears in response. They told him the truth. He was alone and always would be. The one thing he couldn’t buy was companionship in this world. He paid people for their company, to protect him, but no one really cared if he died. He coughed out a wheezy laugh as he stared at his matted hair pulled to clumps in his nighttime tossing and turning. He forced himself to look away from the mirror to the city outside. His city. The darkness penetrated everywhere outside his floor to ceiling windows without fail. He smiled again, coming to a decision. Soon the people out there would join him in his pain. He smiled madly at the candle by his bed, wax dripping like tears onto his side table. If he was alone, everyone should be.

I hope you enjoyed a piece of my book! I will reveal more as I figure out the details. I hope your Monday is wonderful.

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