D is for Dog

April 4, 2015 , In: Kids , With: 3 Comments

Today is the letter D! I’ve decided to feature my dog, Juice, as today’s post.


Photograph is by William Wegman

The Good: Juice is a crazy, fun, sweet, annoying, and awesome 7 year old Weimaraner. Weimaraners are funny looking, but have a very sleep profile and great demeanor. You may remember them from ‘back in the day’ on Sesame Street once in awhile or from the beautiful photographs by William Wegman, which feature mostly Weimaraners.

Juice is goofy, just like these Weimaraners, but I definitely don’t have Mr. Wegman’s skills to capture her weird moments as beautifully. They look awkward at best!

278986_1860138875452_4070941_oThe Bad: I’ve been told it’s a “breed trait”, but Juice has a touch of separation anxiety. She is usually sort of OK when we leave in the morning because it’s part of our daily routine. But if one of us forgets something in the house and has to come back in…she freaks out. Howling, scratching the door, and general freaking out commence. I feel bad, but we’ve tried lots of options to get her to feel better, but the only thing that helps is that we are there 24/7. She is also very skittish. She doesn’t want to go outside alone, so I constantly have to remind her I’m just inside the door when she needs to pee. “It’s ok, Juice! Go pee! PLEASE JUST PEE! GOOD GIRL.”

Juice is a great pillow

Juice is a great pillow

The Katy: We’ve had Juice since she was a puppy and she has travelled cross-country with us several times. It would be weird is she wasn’t with us, which I know will happen someday. But not for years!

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    Gorgeous Weimaraner 🙂

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    What a face:)

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