Hold Still!

June 24, 2013 , In: Kids , With: No Comments

Tristan used to let me take pictures of him. In fact, he would have a huge grin on his face whenever he saw my phone (default camera) come out of my pocket. It was easy to take awesome pictures of him!

Now, not so much. He’s a toddler and therefore always moving. He doesn’t have time for paparazzi! Actually, one day I told him that I was going to take his picture and he started crying. Yeesh.

BUT yesterday I got him! We were playing a new game where I take him blanket, say 1-2-3, and then cover him with it. In the few seconds it takes for him to kick off the blanket I can grab my phone and snap a few of him before he wants to play 1-2-3 all over again. I win this round.

Sure, they are a little blurry, but I’ll take what I can get! Love you, Tristan!


Finally got some smiles!

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