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The letter K is today’s letter! Instead of doing something boring like “Katy” or “Kittens” (ok, both of those things are pretty awesome…) I decided to write about my newest obsession: Kickstarter! To view other blogs in the A to Z Challenge, click here.

The Good: Kickstarter is an awesome website where people can start campaigns about anything they want (within reason). The campaigns can be anything from art or theater productions to board games and design (my favorites). I want to mention one of my favorite campaigns that I’ve backed so far. 10402460_10203624855374189_3073201931604935197_n

The first is the “PhillUp Cup” by Puj. PhillUp is a color coded cup system that hangs on the fridge. The cups match the hooks and everyone can have their own color. We are on our first week of having the cups hanging on the refrigerator and it’s amazing! Graham refused to drink out of any cup that wasn’t a sippy cup. In fact, the last cup we gave him was chucked across the table, causing another cup (a breakable one) to cascade to the floor. Oh the drama, Graham. Right when we took the cups out of their packages and let the kids pick a color, Graham wanted to drink out of it. He still needs a little help, but the cups aren’t too heavy for his little hands to hold onto (it’s just user error at this point). Tristan is a pro. I gave him his orange cup and showed him that he needs to hang it up after he was done. He ran to the fridge from his seat and almost face-planted. He is fine, don’t worry! I would highly recommend the Puj PhillUp Cups to anyone. We bought the four pack so Luke and I could have our own color too. Now, we don’t have empty water cups all over the counters. Revolutionary! View the funded PhillUp Cup campaign here! (I am not being paid by Puj. I just stumbled upon this campaign and had to have it!)

PhillUp looks awesome! Much more organized than the kids' art.

PhillUp looks awesome! Much more organized than the kids’ art.

The Bad: Now that Luke and I are budgeting better, I can’t back as many campaigns. This probably could fall under “The Good” as well because I know I NEED to spend my money on other things, like…diapers and food. Kickstarter is addicting, so be careful how much you back at once! Most campaigns are not around much longer than a month, so when all of the campaigns you’ve backed at the same time are done, all of that money is going to come out of your account. At the same time. So, just be smart!

The Katy: I will continue to back Kickstarter campaigns (just not so many at one time). In fact, when I receive whatever item for the campaigns I’ve backed, I will put a new review here on my blog. So, even if you missed backing their campaign, you can get a first look at some great items that you can buy in stores! Like, the Puj PhillUp Cup. So great. Follow me on Kickstarter here!

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    Those really do look like a good idea – we have about 15 mugs and 10 glasses and sometimes they are ALL dirty! ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

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      They are awesome! I can’t believe how something so simple has changed how many dishes we wash.

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    I FILL the dishwaser with sippy cups and kid cups. Kickstarter is such a force at the moment, I wonder what it will turn into and I hope people don’t abuse it 🙁

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    The cup concept is a great idea!


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      I love it. I haven’t used an extra water glass in days! It’s a beautiful thing.

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