T is for Tristan

April 23, 2015 , In: Kids , With: 6 Comments

Tristan, almost four years old, is my first born son. I wanted to feature him for the letter ‘T’ of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

The Good: Tristan is amazing. I can’t believe he’s almost four already! His joy radiates off his face at all times, which is infectious. Tristan attends school near our old apartment for the remainder of the year, which is a bit of a drive, but we felt it was important to finish out the year at the same school he started with at the beginning. It feels like Tristan should still be a baby, but now he is tracing letters and helping with chores. When did this happen? Where was I?!

The Bad: Ok, this isn’t really bad. It is a challenge, but it definitely isn’t bad. Tristan was diagnosed with autism in July of last year (a week after his birthday). He is very high-functioning, learning a lot in special Pre-K, and is signed up for Kindergarten next year. I still don’t know everything about autism, but we are pretty much a “figure-it-out-as-we-go” sort of family and it seems to working for us so far. Tristan does make eye contact and interact with others, but doesn’t say many words (getting more and more words each day though). He also isn’t potty trained yet, which people say will happen when he’s ready. He seems pretty dang content in diapers at the moment. SIGH

The Katy: We named Tristan after the main character of the same name in the movie “Stardust.” Luke proposed after the credits, which was a perfect moment in time. It was only fitting to name our first son Tristan (yes, I know it’s actually Tristram in the book, but we liked this version of the name better).
I am starting to think about Tristan’s birthday party theme. Last year, it was a popsicle theme, which turned out AWESOME. He likes a lot of things and I know he will have fun no matter what theme I choose. Party planning is my (not-so-secret) joy. Love you, Tristan.

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    He’s so adorable! Good luck on the potty training.

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      Thank you! He is awesome. And potty training could possibly be my biggest nemesis. lol

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        I hate potty training. It’s the worst. I’ve been through it with three kids, and I still maintain that it’s the worst part of parenthood!

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    Your boys are adorable and I LOVE the name Tristan

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