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I love helping indie and self-published authors promote their books! I am happy to help, but I only have so much time in the day. I will only post a review if the book was 3 stars or higher. I'm trying to create a more detailed ratings system, but for now that's it. Genres Katy will review or share on her page. They may or may not have romance in them, but anything erotic will not be reviewed on this blog. I also do not review middle school or elementary school books. I may make exceptions for children's books, because that is the age group my children read or I backed them on Kickstarter!

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi/dystopian
  • comic books
  • paranormal
  • suspense/horror
  • steampunk
  • YA/NA/Adult books (will depend on my interest level)
  • Comic Books/Manga


ANNOUNCEMENT: I am no longer taking any review requests at this time. Until I finish writing my first novel, which I am determined to publish this year, I am putting reading on hold (as much as I can)! Any review requests I've already agreed to will be honored. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


I love watching movies, Netflix, and listening to music. Various entertainment sources I'll sometimes review are:

  • Movies I see in theaters
  • Podcasts
  • Netflix shows
  • Anime
  • Music videos
  • Entire music albums


I love Kickstarter. Randomly, I will review campaigns/products I've backed on Kickstarter. Check out my profile here.

  • Board Games
  • Books (I've backs Children's books, comic books, and anthologies)
  • Home/Kitchen products
  • Art
  • Health/wellness products